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Walsall Sandwell Dudley

Walsall Council

Walsall Council spends in excess of £250m on supplies and services, providing businesses of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities. The council's priority is to secure the best value for money throughout a large and diverse organisation.

To achieve this objective, businesses wishing to contract with the council should have some understanding of the purchasing process that operates within the council, in addition to where they can obtain advice if required. The council’s web site has a range of information that will support businesses to understand the rules governing its procurement. The council is committed to developing its local businesses and the Find it in Walsall web site provides a range of resources.

These pages aim to help all businesses when quoting or tendering for council contracts. It explains the methods of purchasing and provides guidance on some of the key factors that businesses will need to consider throughout the purchasing process.

A set of principles will underpin all procurement in Walsall:

Probity and Compliance– inclusive of accountability, legal process, openness and transparency

Value For Money- addresses whole life cost and quality, and efficiency savings targets.

Competition- enables best value procurement (and collaboration with other Agencies, Local Authorities and Government agencies

Innovation- encourages challenge within existing methods and engages both customer and suppliers at the earliest stage of the process

The use of this portal will be promoted across the council to ensure openness and transparency in procurement processes whilst minimising the administrative burden of tendering. The system will be used by the procurement team on specific projects in the initial stages prior to its wider adoption by the council. Other tenders will still appear on the council’s website on the open tenders page.

For information on spend by Walsall Council, please visit our Open Data website.